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Healing for my grandma

On Friday December 28th my grandma was admitted to the hospital and we found out she had colon cancer. She went into surgery that Sunday to take out part of her colon. She wasn't healing as fast as we thought she would but she is 75 so it could be because of her age. Everything was going good until that next sunday when she began vomiting a lot. My grandpa and my aunt could not get a nurse to come into the room. When they finally did it wasn't her nurse because her nurse was on a lunch break. The nurse gave her an anti nausea shot and right away my grandma went grey and her eyes rolled back. They revived her very quickly and she has been in the ICU for about a week. They had her sedated and are now trying to wake her up. We need prayers that her lungs will heal and work properly and her colon will began working again. Thank you for your prayers!