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Prayer Center

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Marriage Restoration

My husband is still very adament that he is never returning home and that he doesn't love me anymore. We have two children and we have been together for going on 12 years on 01/23/13. I am standing firm for my marriage because that is what I feel that God has told me to do. God hates divorce and so do I. I fully believe that God is going to have great plans for my husband and I and that we can and will rebuild our marriage on the solid rock of Jesus. I need your prayers today for my husband to have a soften heart and I pray that God speaks so clearly to my husband that he cannot deny its him speaking to him. I pray that my husband returns home soon. Im having temptations to move on and give up but I know my God doesn't want me to do that. Please pray whole heartedly for the restoration of my marriage. God bless you all. xo