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Unexpected circumstances.

Today I began to move into a house with the son of a friend. I have been keenly aware that there is a large conflict of interest with regard to morality between the two of us. However with the short time frame I have had to work in, this appeared to be a solution, if not a temporary fix. To sum this up, I made my moral stance clear, and what my reaction would be if he put me in a position where I would be forced to compromise my morality. With this warning he has invited a woman he met a week ago to live with us, compromising my morality. I was not informed of this until I asked him what she was doing at the house without him there. In response I am now looking for another place to live, with only 10 days to be out of my current apartment. Due to the time frame my hand may be forced and I might end up moving into the house, temporarily. I ask that you pray for wisdom on my behalf.