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Prayer Center

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Need a sign to know what to do

I'm a full time student who also has a full time internship and part time job. I'm moving out in a just a few short months when i graduate college. I've had really hard time living at home, and have been planning and saving and praying so that i can move out when i graduate. My job recently cut my hours significantly so now i'm left with a difficult choice. Do i wait it out and trust that God will provide for me and everything will be okay, or do i try for a second job. I Just don't know how well being a full time student with a full time internship, and two part jobs would work out... but i know it would allow me to not worry about money. I can't decide which path is best, and i'm praying that God gives me a nudge to let me see what his plan is. I would appreciate your prayers so so much, thanks so much.