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Need possitive reinforcement.

Part 1 I currently work for Group Health Cooperative in Spokane and they are laying a lot of people off. My end date is Feb. 28, 2013. I have been looking and finding openings which I've shared with the other girls that were laid off Jan. 31st. Now they all have taken the resources I supplied and happily are all working today. I'm trying to stay possitive and not become bitter knowing that I shared these things and they reaped the rewards while I'm not getting anybody to help me find anything. I'm not trying to complain and be a spoiled sport, I just am very depressed knowing that I only have about 3 weeks left and maybe I shouldn't have been so forthcoming with all my leads. I ask that if you would be so kind as to pray for me, not to have someone find my next job for me, but to ask God to please take this bitterness and bad taste out of my mouth.