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To be blessed with Faith, love and hope to answer God's calling

I'd like to request to pray for me and my family to be patient, to understand God’s timing and plan, to have faith and courage to step out of the boat and to totally rely on Him in every aspects of our lives so that we can fulfill the destiny that He has for me and my family. I believe I have been called by our heavenly Father to be a fisher of men. Three bible verses, 2 Tim 4:1-5, 2 Cor 3:2-6, John 21:15-17, are given to me to assure this. I tried to ignore God’s calling throughout 2012. He put burning desire in my heart and I finally gave in. My church and pastors see the change in me and revelations that I share, as they know it is not I who could intellectually study bible and share, but it’s divine revelation from God. I believe I am called to involve in full time ministry and awaiting God's appointed time. Thank you PLR.