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daughter's pregnancy

I am praising and thanking God for keeping my daughter's baby safely in her womb after she started labor at almost 34 weeks (6 weeks early). It has been 9 days since then, and the baby is staying put. In another week, his lungs may be developed, but he would be small. Please join me to ask for a miracle that he stays where he belongs until he's a full-term baby (end of March) and as healthy as he can be. Everyone who knows them will know how God protected both baby and mom because he is God. He will determine the day this child will be born! She also has two preschoolers and a job, and her husband has to leave town for training March 1st through March 17th so she/they need special protection during that time. We know God can take care of them. Thank you for your prayers! I wanted you to know God hears them.