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Prayer Center

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A need for change

Currently, my wife is threatening with divorce. Unfortunately, that word has been tossed around so much since we have been married. She is hurting very badly. She is lonely at home with the kids while I am at school, work or both. I have been in for school for almost four years and it has had a very negative impact on the family. I am almost done, although the remaining months seem to be taking forever. She needs me to be more of a leader, a spiritual leader. This has been a major theme of our problems. I feel like I do try, but not according to her. Admittedly, I am not consistent with my walk with the Lord. I am forgetful and disorganized. I tend to do tasks at a slower pace. I struggle to find ways to show my love for her. All of these things and more are complaints she has about me. Please pray for us!