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Prayer Center

Prayer Center

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Gods Peace and Direction

Hi, I would greatly appreciate prayers for me for several reasons. I was in a long term relationship that just ended (not a marriage), my house hasn't sold so I have taken if off the market, and I am looking for God's direction in all areas of my life. I am a single mom and pray daily for God's direction in my life. I keep praying for what he wants me to do next, but I'm not understanding what he wants me to do next, so I just keep doing what I think he would want me to do. I would really appreciate your prayers for God to direct me in my life as he wants. Also for me to listen to what he has to say to me, he may be telling me and I may think its my thoughts......because I don't feel or hear God talking to me. I really want to do God's will......I just don't know what path that is right now..... Thanks