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Trying to do the right thing

My husband made some mistakes about 7 years ago. He got 2 DUIs in a very short period of time. We felt God telling us to take care of it now, so we did. He had to turn himself into Spokane. Where he has been for the past 9 days, & tonight he should be being sent to Ephrata for the second DUI where his bond is $35,000. It seems as though he could either get 30 days in jail at minimum or have to take drug and alcohol classes with 2 years of probation. There's no real need for classes as there's no addiction, but it seems like the better of the two options. Please pray that his bond be reduced to something reasonable or that they let him out on his own. I really miss my husband, and so do our kids. I pray the Lords will be done. Thanks for your prayers