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Prayer Center

Prayer Center

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We are two young adults with a small school aged child who are in dire need of prayer. My husband is in school and set to graduate in june i work full time and am struggling to keep up with finances on top of the school tuition cost. Last night our main car started acting funny so we took it to a shop and the head gasket and barrings are blown it will be approxmatly $3000 to fix... we are barely putting food on the table for my daughter and us and now this. There is no way we can pay to have it fixed with out any $, and now we are stuck trying to find out how one car is going to get all three of us to all of our needed destinations. Please pray for us that god shows us which way to go.. becuase right now we are lost :( We prayed, cried and prayed again but just feel like there is nothing we can do....