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Needing to Move

My family and I have been in the same complex for nearly 14 years and have been good tenants, but it's time for us to move. It's not a good place to live-- police activity, parking lot drug deals, midnight parties etc... no place for us. We found a place, it's like a whole different world there. It's beautiful and quiet. We were showed an apartment. I have been praying for something for a long time. Now there is a major hurdle that scares me. My credit is 100 points lower than they want. I made lots of stupid retail mistakes. I am working with a debt company. I am so scared that this dream will be taken from me. I need prayers that God will help my credit mishaps be overlooked and my many years as a good tenant in only one location will be the major deciding factor. I want so much to have my family in a place that makes us happy and not a place we hate being in day after day.