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Cousin Going to Treatment

I just found out that my cousin is going to treatment tomorrow for 45 days! He has been active in his addiction for many years, and he's only 25. His dad was murdered when we were only 14 years old, right at their home, by his best friend. He's had a rough life; been in foster care; jail for about 2 years when he was 15 for selling drugs; trouble in school. He feels that everyone labels him and thinks he's just a punk. Him and his girlfriend have a very toxic relationship; they say VERY HATEFUL things to eachother, and they also have 3 little children who see and hear their fights. Prayers for my family to begin healing. my cousin to find healthy/sober friends, their family to seek help they need to have a healthier home environment for themselves and for my little cousins, also to accept Jesus as their Savior and grow in their relationship with Him.