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Prayer Center

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The Love of My Life

Me and my boyfriend have been sober for 3 months off of meth. It has been very hard and I know we couldn't have done it with out God. He got arrested Fri for conspiracy to deliver a controlled substance from 6 months ago. It is a federal charge and he has to do a mandatory 10 years once his trial is over and his trial is May 29th of this year. I need a prayer from anyone and everyone that on his court date Fri they will let him out until his trial date. He has 4 kids and they have not yet been able to say goodbye. We got baptised 2 months ago at real life and have been going to recovery and 12 step every week for the past 3 months. And I would also like to ask that u pray for his parents they are very Christian people in there 70s and they are having a very hard time with the fact that they may not be alive by the time he gets out.. please pray for us.. God bless