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Prayer Center

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(1)I have a student loan which has been taking my IRS Refund and I am ok with that; now I received a letter demanding full payment plus interest or they may begin garnishing me for 15%...I cannot eat or pay rent if that occurs. I sent a check of $20.00 in and said I would begin paying it off twice a month and more when I can. We need the garnishment to be stopped. (2)I have made one payment to my new Landlord in CDA(just moved here) and I need him to move my rent due date from the 1st to the 5th. I recently changed a bank acct over and not all of my bills followed and Wells Fargo charged me overdraft fees...I am now down to one overdraft but it has shorted me on my rent for the 1st...thank you for praying for me and my situation...