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Prayer Center

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I would like to ask for prayers. My wife and I have been separated for 5yrs. She hasnt filed for divorce yet. We see each other almost everyday because of our kids. They pray for 3yrs for God to bring mom and dad back together. She has a wall built, no reconcillation, restoration. I keep asking God for his help. Jere 33:3. i keep asking God "are we still married in his eyes? if so what do I do? Ive tried 4x to divorce her and strange things happen, papers disappeared etc. Please pray. I need Gods answer im asking him to speak to me.. I keep asking dont know what he wants me to do with wife's heart. please pray I keep asking him are we still married? how do I love her when she wont let me, we have been separated for 5yrs, whats left? do i still wear my wedding ring? these are questions for the lord, Im waiting for him to speak to me. Jere33:3. please pray for her heart and us..