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Prayer Center

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Prayer for family

Please pray for peace for me regarding our upcoming move. I need to re-locate with my husband to a town 4 hours away. This wouldn't be so bad, but my youngest child (daughter) recently had a baby. She is living with her fiancee' and they don't have definte plans to marry...his idea. Not only do I miss her company, but she knows better than to live with him. We've had numerous conversations about this to no avail. My husband and I have been loving them and accepting them and just praying. Recently I've felt convicted to start reminding her that she is still welcome to come back home. She again says she doesn't want to..I'm heartbroken and need the Lord to deliver me from this grief that keeps me down. I can't continue in grief over her sin and can't keep feeling guilty if I'm not always confronting her. I need the Lord to comfort me. Thanks!