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Prayer Center

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No where to turn

Hi, I am in a lot of pain in many places due to several accidents and had to have surgeries. Now my stomach is acting up and making me very sick. I don't have money for food and could use some yogurt and medicine to calm it down but can't afford it. I never have enough money for food and go hungry many days. I have giant bills that I have no way to pay that are due in a few days to a week. I have been a faithful servant to the Lord for over 32 years, but after so many years of struggling, my body is giving out. I can't do it anymore. My car needs repairs but there isn't enough money. I am going to have to pay my rent late due to missing work from illnesses. I have no where to turn and it keeps getting worse. I am suffering and there are no funds and no help in sight. I keep praying but it looks like I will be homeless. Thanks for praying over me! I really appreciate it.