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Prayer Center

Prayer Center

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job & $

I'm asking for prayer for our financial situation. My husband's looking for a job that will pay our bills. He has interviewed for a job in Spokane that sounds perfect for him @ a SR. home and he has another interview in the Tri-Cities tomorrow. We need something to happen VERY SOON or we'll lose our home and our vehicle. I know God is in control and it will all come out the way He has determined - we want most to be in HIS will with the move - where ever He sends us, we will go. Thank you for your prayers. PLR: THANK YOU for being there, for making my days pleasant, for the uplifting music (which I am happy to say I share with visitors who comment on how peaceful they find the music.) Also, thanks to all the on-air personalities and those who work behind the scenes to bring us this wonderful station. :)