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Younger brother and ex-girlfriend court battle over their baby

My 22 year old brother and his ex-girlfriend are going to court over custody for their 23 month old baby girl. His heart is good, his intentions are fruitful, yet his ex is throwing dirt in his face about his past. My brother has accepted Christ, he is applying to college, & he has been clean & sober---praise God! His ex and her mother tried to put a restraining order against my brother to be away from his baby.THat broke his heart. He loves his baby & just wants the best for her. He's not trying to cause a ruckus, he just wants to be in his daughters life. He had to get the courts involved becuase he felt he had no say---he tried being reasonable but the other party was not cooperating. He didnt want it to go this far, but it ended up that way. Prayers for him, his baby, and the ex girlfriend. Thank you,.