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Pray for our son Joey. He's been lead to a path of Meth addiction & was arrested. By God's grace, he was released to an AMAZING recovery program, The Good Samaritan, Cda, ID. Since Jan 7th, he has repented, been restored, filled with the Holy Spirit, & serving the Lord. The Lord has blessed his life in MANY ways w/ Godly people who love him & hold him accountable, a great job, housing, etc. Last Wed night, he disappeared in the middle of the night only to be found back in the place he was living, & w/ the people he was involved w/ while doing drugs. We are sure he is using again. He isn't responding to any of the people he's had in his life since his recovery. Please pray the Lord's mercy, grace, protection, wisdom and whatever the Spirit leads you to pray for in his life. Stand with us on the promises of God for his life! Thank you PLR, We thank God for all of you!