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Prayer for my step-daughter's Mom to know Christ & to get off drugs

Please pray that GOD will bring truth & light into the other home of my step daughter. Currently there are drug, domestic violence issues and often neglect in her other home. It is a home where God is not welcomed nor sought. We are trying to establish a custody agreement with her Mother The catch however is that we are asking for the court to impose drug testing and safety provisions to keep the child safe and obtain help for her Mom. Our hope is that she will have to admit her issues and get the help she needs so she can be the Mom her child needs her to be. To date we have exhausted all of our resources with legal fees and we are nearing our court date. It has gotten ugly with hateful things being said about us. Please pray for God to continue to guide us, protecting our hearts and keeping our responses to be filled with HIS presence. At times it is not easy.