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Prayer Center

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Depression & anxiety

DH is starting a job 5 hours from home Mon. I am overwhelmed with being alone with our kids during the week. They are great but intense & can be hard to deal with. 10yo S has ADD & is very sensitive. 9yo D has ADHD w mood disorder (tantrums lashing out) and her twin bro has ADHD. I love them w all I have but when they are coming at me at once talking over each other & fighting its difficult & I'm worried I wont handle it well. Ive struggled with depression for years but when DH gave me the news I totally lost it. I've never had anxiety before but I had a couple of panic attacks that day in addition to the depression spiraling. The job good, he is a brick mason & has been mostly unemployed for the past 3+ years. But I was praying for a more stable job close to home not a well paying but unpredictable job far from home. Anyway, I need lots of prayer.