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pray for the rally today

Today some of the brethren will meet publicly to defend marriage in Illinois. We will gather to worship, to stand and proclaim God's Word, and to preach deliverance for the captives through our Lord Jesus Christ. The enemy is furious, counterprotestors are coming--including Occupy protestors--whose intent will be to disrupt and revile us. Please pray for Christ to be exalted and glorified, and that many Christians would be drawn to come in one mind. Pray that the Holy Spirit will fill us, lead us, give us wisdom, boldness, joy, forbearance and love, and to glorify His Bride, so that He might be glorified. Pray also that Representative Silvana Tabares would hear the truth, and defend God's plan for marriage, that the enemy's plan to overthrow God's plan and people would be foiled and used for eternal good.