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Man of God very sick

I felt called to post this prayer request for Dale Comer, by his wife this morning, Dale and Dee have spread the word of God all over NorthCentral Wa. with thier ministry, Lost To The Cross Ministries . He is very sick and needs the prayers of the saints , as well as his wife who is by his side . URGENT PRAYER REQUEST......Please pray for the tumor on my husbands liver to shrink, in Jesus name!! An MRI was done on him tonight at 10:00 PM so pray nothing shows up as the CAT SCAN showed a 3" by 3" tumor! He is very sick and I am believing for healing in His body. Jesus Word does not lie and he has a lot more preaching to do. We prayed over him BELIEVING! I am expecting the same miracles Jesus did when He walked the earth. The Word says, by His stripes we are healed. What ever way He chooses to heal, He will get the Glory!!!!