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Prayer Center

Prayer Center

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Financial, physical and life healing

I keep reading scriptures to bring my burdens to God and to ask and you shall receive. I have huge financial problems that were not caused by me but because life happens sometimes. I have been following God nearly since birth. I need God to move by Monday or I am going to have to be evicted or lose the car which I depend on to get to work and need since I have lots of injuries. I am almost through paying the car off. I also need healing for my migraines, shoulder, hip, and foot problems. I need God to give me money for my stomach medicine. I want God to make my life more feasible instead of constant stress. I need a physical and mental break full of peace. I also want to have a life where I can help others instead of constantly struggling. Please God, I am asking over and over to come through. Thank you for praying with me!