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Prayer Center

Prayer Center

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A Prayer to Share with All on this Website

Whilst deep in Bible study one morning with my Father, He gave me this prayer of thanksgiving and praise: Dear Father in Heaven, Maker of All That is Seen and Unseen. Praises of All of Your Creation belong to You Alone. We Praise You for the Very Breath which We Breathe. We thank You for the Privilege of Praising and Worshiping You. You Are Love. You Are Life. You Are Our Loving, Mercifully Gracious, Provident Holy Father. We thank You for Providing Food to Nourish our Spirits, Souls, and Bodies Daily. We confess our sins and You Forgive us as we have forgiven those who have hurt us. We ask for Wisdom which You Willingly Share with us. We ask for direction and You Lit Up a Path for us. In the Precious, Majestic, and Holy Name of Your Perfect Sacrifice, Your Son, my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, we offer up this prayer of praise and thanksgiving to You, our Father and OUR God.