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Prayer Center

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This upcoming Saturday I am graduating. I need direction for my life and what to do for post graduation. I plan on attending Moody Bible Institute in Spokane Washington in the Fall of 2014 and I am having to start providing for myself. I would like to move to Spokane, but I don't have a car, a job, or currently a place to stay if I go. I want to rely on God for I know that I cannot do anything like this on my own... especially for the first time, but I am afraid that if I make this move ( because others disapprove) there will consequences. I really need peace and wisdom for choices and faith that it will all work out. And the courage to make decisions for myself trusting that God will make a way no matter what others think. I want God's will to be done and I do not want opinions to get in the way of that and I need to be shown the way I am to go. Thank you for your prayers....