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last minute problem with purchase of a home

We are buying a home and are 3 weeks from moving in but today we were told that there is a problem with my husbands VA entitlement. We are praying it is just a huge error.We have already given notice where we live and can't stay and now have no idea where we will go. We have been looking for a home since Jan and had several fall through and this offer just went so easy. We feel terrible for the sellers if it doesn't go through. We have prayed about it from the beginning that God would be in control and if it was not what he wanted for us then don't allow it to work out. But it has all worked out with no controlling it ourselves and now this. We are confused. Thanks so much. My husband will be calling the VA today to find out what is going on. Thanks for your prayers. I am an daily listener and have been for a long time. God Bless, Lori