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As husband recovers, finances slip away...

My husband fell off his dirt bike on Wednesday, he got a stiff neck at the moment and came home and I made him to go the ER. They gave him an XRAY and they found that he had shattered the C5 vertebrae in his spine, and that a piece of the vertebrae was pushing into his spinal cord and that any wrong move could leave him dead or a quadriplegic. He was transferred to a different hospital and was to have surgery the next day. The surgery took 7 hrs and he has 2 large incisions (front of his neck, and the back). He feels like he can not provide for me because he can no longer work with his neck in a brace for at least 6 months. We've been married for only 5 months and have a house, a car payment, cell phone, utilities, etc. Not to mention I am supposed to be student teaching in the Fall (September) and the winter (January) to finish my degree, but we no longer have the funds to pay for it.