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My husband to be free from jail, & that he remains in this country with me & our 5 daughters!!!!!!!!

My husband of 14 yrs now!. we have 5 daughters together. I am a US citizen & as well are our girls. Due to a poor record that occurred in the past he hasn't been able to legalize in this country. He is incarcerated & in the process of being deported & sent to his country. I have been serving The Lord for 2 yrs. now! I have faith that 1 day he will surrender to Jesus Christ . I really feel strong & have faith in god that he has a plan, for US! as a child I was only raised by my mother & it was hard for us when growing up! I don't want that for my family... I dont want to loose my husband because he is from a different country. Gerardo & I have really struggled & faught . he's already been deported numerous times, but then he finds his way back to maintain our family together, united, complete!!! I just want a complete family, serving The Lord, Help me pray!!!