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Prayer Center

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Please pray for me. I'm struggling with bitterness. I'm living in a house with Christians (roommates) and my roommate is very rude to me. She makes rude comments and just acts angry all the time. I feel like i'm walking on egg shells everyday. When things are going well for me, I feel like she gets jealous and it makes her upset :( instead of being happy for me. I'm struggling to see the fruit of the Spirit in her life and I hear her gossiping about other people in the church and it makes me very sad . I'm praying for her as well as myself. I know that I'm not perfect but i'm honestly seeking the LORD about this because I do not want to become a bitter Pharisee. I know that God is working through this even though I may not see it. Right now my prayer is that the LORD would convict her of the sin that she is in and also that the LORD would help me not to become bitter toward her.