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My Relationship

Me and my boyfriend have gone through so much together we both were friends before we starting dating we both were married to some one else and then i got divorced and he will be divorced in July. Well at the time i was pregnant with my ex husbands kid and my boyfriend was basically there all my pregnancy except like 2 months.Well my little son thinks my bf his dad my son is 5 months old and my boyfriend has kids him self from his ex wife well i just feel like we have been down the same road and need to hold on tight to each other and build a healthy relationship and for get about the pass but that very hard to do some times we both are Christian and both believe in god and both go to church every Sunday but i feel like im lost in life I love my boyfriend dearly and he mean the world to me but how do you make your self let go of the pass and move on in life I feel im in a dark tunnel