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Prayer Center

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Light the Fire Again & TRUST GOD COMPLETELY

My life has been so hectic the last few months; I have not been putting God 1st in my life, I've stopped doing Bible Study, my thoughts have been negative/judgemental--my entire mental state is not focused on God; bottom line I havent been spending time w/ Him. I want to know what my spiritual gifts are, & I want to succeed at being the woman God wants me to be. I understand that I have weaknesses & I know that God's strength is made perfect in my weakness, but I need to TRUST that & most of the time I struggle & try rely on myself. Please pray for me to recognize my God given gifts & trust Him completely in all areas of life. I struggle with being myself, because I worry about what other ppl think--addiction & insecurity are rooted from when I was a little girl, so please pray for me my brothers & sisters in Christ! Thank you.