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Prayers For a Friend Who's Struggling with His Christian life

My friend Dustin, whom I love dearly, is struggling. He's used to living and loving the world. He was saved about five years ago, but the past six months, he has gone back to his old lifestyle so many times he now thinks that he isn't saved or even of the elect and past to point of being able to repent, God has not chosen him. I do believe he is saved, just struggling very badly with not overcoming the flesh strong pull. He knows he need help but needs to get it from an intense source and desire it. Please pray that the Holy Spirit shows up in a mighty way and does whatever it takes to bring him back, that the evil one will be driven away, that some men from his church will be drawn of the Spirit to talk to him today and that action will be taken for recovery. PLEASE pray that God intervenes, that he comes to either an assurance of salvation or salvation if that really is the case.