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My Parents

My Mom just called me to tell me that my Dad is in the hospital. He is 88 years old and was trying to get out of bed. Apparently he fell out of bed instead. Mom tried to get him up off the floor by herself but couldn't so she called the paramedics. He hurt his knee pretty bad. Dad doesn't remember any of this happening. They were just bringing him back from X-ray when she called. Mom has been caring for him by herself for quite awhile. She isn't all that strong herself. She just had knee surgery (replacement) back in November/December and is trying to recuperate from her ordeal. They have home-care coming in to help with such things as bedbaths/showers for my Dad. Please pray for strength/healing for my Mom and Dad. I also have some decisions I need to make concerning my future, my parents, and their well-being. Thank you PLR listeners and prayer warriors.