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Prayer Center

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Help To Stop Smoking

I did a Bible study quite recently & it was called & learning how to pray." It was an awesome study. In one part of the study, the lady told a story about "prayers hitting the ceiling." This particular story related to her, & her smoking cigarettes. God spoke to her at that time, & she knew she wanted to quit. I know God loves me even though I smoke, but the thing is, I don't want to. I want to treat my body with respect, as living sacrifice for Him, & I want to rely on His power to help me. It gets difficult I think, because I am relying on myself. I feel as though my prayers may be hitting the ceiling, because I am still smoking. People have told me, quitting is different for everyone & God will do it differently with each person. Please pray for me to knock it off, give up smoking, & surrender it for my Heavenly Father. Thank you.