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Prayer Center

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Need New Home

This Sunday i received a visit from my landlord and was advised she will be moving her elderly aunt & uncle into the house i am renting from her. We have been there almost 3 years and felt so blessed to be out of the apt. life. I was very sad at first but then i have to buck up and start looking asap. I have until Sept.!! Please pray for patience and the ability to not worry and be confident in God's plan for me. I have 6 kids but 4 under 15yrs that i am focusing on finding a new home for. The 2 older kids are still my babies but do need to leave the nest, i guess. I need prayer for them too. I have babied them too much. David (21) & Kiara (19) need prayer for the ability to see and follow God's plan for them to grow up and be productive members of society. Thank you so much and may God bless those that take time to pray.