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Prayer Center

Prayer Center

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Lost and feeling alone

A little over a year ago I suffered from a ruptured brain anuerism that required 3 surgeries. By the grace of God I recovered for the most part and returned to work 3 months later. By looking at me you would not know that I have gone through this, however, I DO know what I went through and what seems to bother me the most since the surgery is my on going depression. I have isolated myself from friends and family and even church. I have such a longing in my heart to connect with people that have gone through a similar experience but have not been able to locate any support groups for this. I pray to God daily to put someone in my life that I can share experiences with. I know I have a loving family and a group of supportive friends that TRY to understand, but no one really can fully grasp it. I feel all alone and just want to give up.