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13 yr. Old Son Accused

in the last couple of days my family has literally been in the eye of he storm. My 4 yr. old grand daughter has accused my 13 yr old son of touching her.With her mom, sister and I am the step mom and there dad within feet of the other room.Our whole life has changed. Michael claims he never did and said they were playing legos.there are so many questions.Windy already has cut all ties.And as you can imagine she is the one who claims she saw Michael touching her.With all the accusations at this point nothing has been turned into CPS but we have been advised to do so my Michaels counselor. Windy has gone to shelter from the storm a non reporting agency and doesn't want Miley put through anymore. Nothing makes sense. And I look at Michael with question and suspision. What is wrong with me? My husband is hurt. And STANDS by Michael.