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5 Year-Old Cousin May Need Heart Transplant?

I got a text from my Aunt last night with some very scary news about my beautiful 5 year old cousin Madison. This is what it said: Well we just got some very scary news about our Madison. It would seem her cardiologist is concerned that she may have a diagnosis of restrictive cardiomyopathy. Madison will have a heart cath procedure done here in the near future although the date has not been set. PLEASE include Madison in your prayers and pray that this diagnosis does not come upon her. It would mean possible sudden death and a need within 2 years for a heart transplant. She has endured so much in her short life and we are praying God will spare her this. Madison is such a precious member of the family and is loved beyond all relms of possibility. My heart is breaking for her and my family and I are in constant prayer. We know that God's power can defeat all evils, including death.