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Prayer Center

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One Thing After Another

Ever since my grandma past away on April 1st of this year, nothing but bad has been happening. It just feels like one thing after another. I finally had gotten this daycare job that I have fought for, for a year now. So now I have to find new a job because my boss can't promise me any hours, like she had promised. I feel like I got my hopes up. After this happened, on Sunday the 14th, I walk out to my car to go to church and I see my window on the driver's side is smashed, no one took anything but all they did was smash my window, threw pink gliter all over my car and had put a female product on my oustide mirror. Thanks to God I got my window fixed and now have a new window. But I really need prayers for finding a job. Thank you so much! I know and trust God that he will help!