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Prayer Center

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Struggling With Health Issues

I have many health issues the biggest is ,i was told i need to have spinal surgery but my insurance has denied the surgery twice they tell me i have to basically jump threw hoops to have them approve it ...i have a board certified neurosurgeon that says i need to have the surgery done ... but most of all he told me if i was to get into a car accident or have any type of trauma to my neck i have a 80% chance of paralyzing myself ...so it really scares me to know that my insurance is willing to risk me getting into a situation like this ... i pray to god that he give the insurance people the heart to understand that them prolonging this is just causing more issues ... on a daily basis i stay in pain and now it has gotten to the point my left arm stays numb and tingly. but i don't need the surgery ....ok whatever... i just put my trust and faith in god and he heals in miraculous ways ...