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Stuck In A Rut

I havent spent quality time w/ God in about 3 months. I finally started 2 weeks ago, & that lasted for about 4 days . I was getting up early & spending time with Him. The war starts right when I open my eyes to my alarm clock. I have it away from my bed, so I dont click snooze all the time.....but I do it anyway. I actually get up out of bed, click snooze & fall back into bed! Its frustrating that I am doing this. My priority is God, but I am not treating Him as my #1 priority---I'm treating my bed as my priority & also my alarm clock. I've been late for work all last week, & today I was 1/2 hour late. I feel tired all the time, & some days I dread coming to work. I do not like that I am having this attitude! Please lift me up in prayer, I greatly appreciate it. I am in a funk & I need to get out! Thank you.