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Prayer Center

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Going Through A Rough Time

Due to grades, I can't attend college in the fall. I took out 22k in loans and unless I go back to school I'll have to pay that back, but being on my own, I cant afford to. I'm in a town with only one college and no way to get out of my apt lease. My friends go out of their way to avoid me, my church has secluded me, and my family is falling apart. Im absolutely alone. One night I overdosed on a large handful of pills. I thought for sure it would end my life but in the middle of the night I had convulsing chest pains. The only way the pain stopped was when I was shaking. The worst pain I have experienced. I was praying for God to take me home. I should of died that night but I didnt. I need prayer for strength, healing &direction. I cant see any future for myself. Im at the absolute dead end. Im crying for help but nobody seems to care.