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Update and Prayer for my Sister, Shirley.

I asked for Prayer for my sister, Shirley, because she was scheduled to have open heart surgery on Tuesday or Wednesday of this last week, but Tuesday, she had a stroke. The doctors said that it was a shower of blood clots that hit her brain. When I got to the hospital in Everett, I was shocked to see her. I stayed there two days and nights with her upholding her in prayer and God heard my cry. Every day she improved. She is still improving. The doctors say she needs to have an operation to clean out her carotid arteries in her neck and also perform the open heart bypass. She is in hopes that they will do both operations at the same time so she will only have to go under general anesthesia just once. Please pray with me that all will be well with my sister and she will be able to have her operations soon. Thank you.