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Prayer Center

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I'm a Smoker/Nicotine Addiction

I've requested prayer, & also been praying for myself; still I continue to smoke. My excuse is "I dont smoke that much." Since I've admitted I'm powerless over this nicotine addiction, I still continue to smoke & also noticed its a mental battle for me. IDK if I'm supposed to try to quit or if I just keep smoking until God brings some sort of supernatural healing for me. I've prayed & prayed, continually ask for forgiveness for smoking--yet I STILL SMOKE! Time after time I feel bad, I make up my mind that I will quit, but then I dont. Please pray for me brothers & sisters in Christ---I want to quit for God, becuase my body is His temple & I love the Lord. My actions need to reflect that & right now I'm frustrated & dont know how to just knock it off & quit.