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Relative & Frustration

I have a relative who talks about everyone [she gossips consistently]. She says shes a believer, but her life & choices do not reflect that of a follower of Jesus Christ. Idk if shes ever accepted Jesus into her heart or not. Right now she is going out with a guy, a guy who has a child w/ another one of our close relatives. It bothers me that she is hurting our other family member. I noticed I'm acting shady towards her & also the guy, which I know is not what Christ would like me to do. There are times I am so fed up w/ the actions of my cousin that I don't even care to be around her or visit her. I try to be a positive influence to her, yet every time I turn around shes talking bad about me or making fun of me. Please pray for her salvation & to be more fruitful in life.