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Prayer Center

Prayer Center

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Marriage and Family

We are in great stress & suffered for 2yrs solid. Problems include severe health issues, social isolation, few prospects, financial strain, our marriage has suffered greatly. We are fighting & in a very tenuous place. I am concerned for the survival ofour marriage. My husband has been offered a new job in another state that would allow for potential improvement in some areas of life with the cost of his being away from us 5/7 days a week. We are struggling toknow God’s will for us &which path is the faithful one from fear. Keeping emotions in check is hard. We need guidance & assistance to come to agreement on faithful course of action, peace & love to reign, & to be of the same mind/heart. We need healing for our hearts from the emotional toll & healing in the marriage relationship &our family. Thank you so much for your help! God Bless.