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Prayer Center

Prayer Center

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Drugs and Money

Well basically I have no money or income and I need to quickly get some needs met, Harvest America is nearing and I had the intention of hosting it at the Town Toyota center, the cost for just renting per day. works out to around $8,000 I am unsure what God would have me do at this point as I was thinking of fund raising from local Church's and getting sponsorship from local businesses. I intended to have a team of others involved by now but I haven't even started finding anyone who wants to join the Harvest. Right now personally I have some basic needs for meds and healthy foods, also I need to find the right time and open door to speak with Montana as the last few times I have talked with Her it turned out pretty badly. I'm needing a brake through with Montana, I believe God said it would happen but I have yet to experience any feeling of progress.